Chef Carla Hall to Open Southern Restaurant in NYC

Chef Carla Hall, one of the most popular and loved Top Chef contestants as well as co-host of The Chew, will be opening a southern inspired restaurant in NYC. The loved Chef sat down with Curbed to share some news on the new restaurant, menu inspiration, her favorite ingredients this season and what it feels like to be honored at the 25th anniversary of Chefs & Champagne.

A Nashville, Tennessee native, meals she remembers were family staples and nostalgic of her family’s cooking are inspirations for the menu and we can’t wait to to try it out!

To read the full interview, click here.

Carla Hall/
Carla Hall/

We heard that you are getting ready to open a new restaurant in NYC, Carla Hall’s Southern Kitchen. What challenges have you faced with this endeavor?
Oh, so far? There are more challenges to come. I think one of the toughest things has been finding the space. We did crowd funding with Kickstarter, and we were hoping to open in the early fall. But, finding the right space took longer than expected. I mean, we looked at hundreds of spaces.

What inspired the menu?
The inspiration for this menu was really to share the Sunday suppers I had growing up in Nashville, Tennessee at my grandmother’s house. It’s chicken and sides. My grandmother is the inspiration whenever I cook, because she just put so much love in her food.

Will your famous chicken pot pie make an appearance?
It might. It will not be featured, but it might make any appearance for special dinners.


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