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Summer time and the living is easy, and hot! So why not keep it cool with a watercolor outfit. It’s a trend that never goes out of style and an item to wear in every season or occasion. Easily paired with neutrals, black and other prints to make a number of ensembles for your summer days. Dressed up or dressed down, you can never go wrong with a watercolor. Whether you prefer a blouse, a dress, skirt or pants, watercolor is the way to go to brighten your wardrobe and add a punch of color. Here are the trendiest watercolor inspirations to help you add some wearable art to your life.


Pointillism is the art of painting with tiny dots. This Zara dress takes this art form and makes it wearable. Worn by Bee from Atlantic-Pacific, this little watercolor dress can be worn to work or for a casual weekend. (via Atlantic-Pacific)
Bright Showstopper. One of the best ways to wear watercolor is with bright prints, like this “Sullivan” dress by LulaKate. Pair it with almost any color accessory that goes with one of the colors and you got yourself a look right out of a magazine! (via Bsoup)
The Denim Duo. Most watercolor prints can be worn with denim. For these hot summer days a watercolor skirt or dress can be matched with a light denim blouse. (via Pinspire)

watercolor3Let the sunshine in. Hippie inspired Batik Happy Festival skirt by Astral Boutique surely has good vibes. (via Astral Boutique Etsy Shop)

watercolor4One of the top trends of the season is the watercolor maxi dress. Easily worn with sandals or your favorite pair of wedges, this dress is the epitome of haute couture and has an upscale feel. (via Biani Castro)


Retro Chic Watercolor. Watercolor is one of those styles that never goes out of style. It’s always en vogue and this dress proves it! This 1960’s dress flaunts the watercolors beautifully and is a silhouette that is easily found in stores and boutiques today. (via Esme and the Laneway)


Lighter Shade of Pale. Don’t forget that watercolors are also beautiful in lighter and pale tones. We see so much blue and pink tones, that we forget that the pale and neutral palettes also look just as nice in watercolor. This Foley + Corina dress can be accessorized with just about any color accessory. (via Atlantic Pacific)


The Colorful Pant. One of the easiest pants to wear is the watercolor pencil pant. This look worn by Olivia Palermo is just the right fit, print and color to wear that accentuates just the right places and compliments blazers, handbags and pumps.  (via Prettyz)


Watercolor by Raleigh showcases how elegant yet simple a watercolor blouse can look. Worn with a pair of jeans, a skirt or summer shorts, this blouse is a great piece for every occasion whether dressed up or dressed down. (via Teen Vogue)

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Impressionist Trouser. Inspired by impressionist art, this cropped trouser style pant by LuLus is flattering, super cute and wearable with stripes, polka dots and colorful baubles. (via Bsoup)


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