What Being Digital Really Means- According to Harvard Business Review

Being Digital Demands You Be More Human


The halls of every marketing organization are filled with rumors about the new crop of hires — computer scientists, math majors and big data experts. For them, consumers are a mass of 0s and 1s that represent online behavior that can be collected, analyzed and targeted.

But the one thing companies seem to keep forgetting is that customers are actually human beings.

The chocolatier Ferrero Rocher learned that lesson recently from Sara Rosso, a big fan of its Nutella brand. Such a big fan, in fact, that she started an annual World Nutella Day in 2007. The event, conceived by Rosso to celebrate the hazelnut spread, was held in mid-February this year; more than 40,000 fans like the event’s page on Facebook. But Ferrero hardly had a positive reaction to the publicity blitz — the company had its lawyers send Ms. Rosso a cease-and-desist letter.

Of course, Ms. Rosso blogged about the letter and drew a great deal of media coverage. An outcry spread through social media as Nutella fans wondered why Ferrero would want to stop the celebration. Ms. Rosso reported on her blog, “They were very gracious and supportive and we were able to have a productive discussion about World Nutella Day living on for the fans, which is the whole point.”

Read More:  http://blogs.hbr.org/cs/2013/06/being_digital_demands_you_be_m.html


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