Bravo TV Real Housewives of DC, Cat Ommanney’s, The Gift-Inbox Full Part II

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I had the privilege of assisting (and continue to assist on her future projects), Cat Ommanney, Bravo TV’s Real Housewives of DC reality star, on her book launch for her sequel, The Gift-Inbox Full Part II. Her first book followed her life before she was on the reality show while the sequel lets us in on her life after the show.

The Gift-Inbox Full Part II follows Ommanney in her journey from a crumbling marriage to fighting off with tenacity all the obstacles that stood in her way while pursuing her dreams. Ommanney’s no nonsense voice showed us in Inbox Full the true story of where choices can lead us while sharing her true life experience in both deeply heartfelt moments and exhilarating escapades. Now, this highly anticipated sequel shows us that anything is possible when you never give up.

“After all the mountains climbed without surrendering to reach my dreams, it had finally paid off. I found him, and he, too, had found us. We had made it! We had pulled it off, against all odds.”

This is the journey to a newfound reserve of strength-an extraordinary story about celebrity and fame, love and betrayal, reality and perception, all told with Cat Ommanney’s trademark honesty and humor-No bollocks!


The launch event was held at Bobby Vans “The Vault Grill” in Manhattan where Sonja Morgan, Michael Lorber, Dina Manzo, Kathy and Richard Wakile and Mary Amons, among others, stopped by to celebrate.


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