Wednesday Roundup: 9/5/2012 Democratic National Convention Edition

The Democratic National Convention was trending wildly on Twitter today and many celebrities turned to the twitterverse to share their thoughts. Politics can be dull to some, but these celebs sure put a spin on things to liven things up a little, especially when former President Bill Clinton took the stage. At least Twitter wasn’t over capacity tonight with all the action that was going on.

“We need to get government off the backs of business and into the uterus where it belongs. — Republican talking point #DNC”- Andy Borowitz

“Elizebeth warren just brought tears to my eyes and filled the air with energy at the #DNC #iamamerican”- Will.I.Am

“I wrote Bill Clinton a letter when I was 6 saying I wanted to be president and he wrote back, AND sent an autographed pic. He’s the man #DNC”- Greg Bennett

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